Founder’s message"While you are living in this world, do not restrict your life to one particular region. Try to build relationships in various places and engage in activities so that you can make an impact upon the world! Just as there are four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter - and just as the earth provides us room to travel in 4 directions - north, south, east and west - you should not live only in one country. Just as the world is uniting as one and national borders are dissolving, during your life you need to TRAVEL freely around the world!"

Our MISSION: Enriching knowledge and experience through tourism and contributing to the spread out world peace by overcoming national, cultural and religious differences

Our VISSION: The world of the future - Era of hobby and tourism!

Our MOTO: Travel for Happiness!

Our NICHE: Live and work beyond our capabilities!


  1. Restoration business history and methods

Even we work to accomplish most precious desires and ideals, we live in world of regrets from cheating, mistrust and cruelty. Our world dominates by power of money, power of position, power of fake love. All these dominances are related with business and using for business.
Our company want to use only honest, sincere and selfless service. We truly care about our customers, partners, government. We believe that only right mindset and hard work will flourish and will make our business ….

  1. Use “PRINCIPLE” to achieve result

From very beginning, our ancestors use principle - exchange of goods equal to equal. Later people use other method – invest small, get a big. Now we found that for success, result is not money itself, but customer’s satisfaction and happiness from our service. Even company earn through service small profit, our behavior is same – unconditional and unchanging. Such a customers, who achieved their goals through our good service, will bring their relatives and friends to our company. This is Principle how financial goals will fulfilled.

  1. Using our result to invest for our future projects and pass to future generations our best achievements

If you live and work just to cover your life expenses or enjoy for your personal happiness, probably you can’t taste real life’s happines, love and joy. Our company believe that sincere and hard work will be bring result, more and great, year by year and we can expand our business not only in tourism, but other service area. And this will be our achievments which we will pass to our children. This shows our ownership, sense of responsibility, maturity and original humanity.


- Customer focus. Customer is our god – we do everything what he wish, what he wants and how he expected. Saying “Customer is always right!” helps for business owners grow up in services
- Focus to result. Money comes from good business relationships centered on
- Trust from customers, partners and employers. Trust – to this “word” is going all business world.
- Invest and development. Development starts from successful marketing.


Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) seeks to improve the quality of services provided to travelers to and from Japan.

H.I.S. is one of the largest travel companies in Japan, specializing in low-cost package tours. H.I.S. is company of future, making better conditions for traveling around the world.

The company was founded as International Tours Co., Ltd. in 1980 by Hideo Sawada.

H.I.S moto is Love, Peace, TRAVEL

Sun Way Tour start cooperation with H.I.S.ru from March, 2011

Japan Tourist Bureau largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest travel agencies in the world

Jumbo Tours Co ltd is company from Okinawa, founded in October 31, 1981.

Jumbo Tours philosophy is “We love TRAVELING”
In October, 2017 Jumbo Tours president Mr. Shoki Tanimura visited Ukraine, our office

Japan P.I. Travel

Japan PI Travel is a Belgian Japanese travel agency founded in 1988
First group with Japanese tourists who lived in Belgium were welcomed to Ukraine in May, 2017

Saiyu Travel Co., Ltd. is a premier travel company in Japan that offering tours to Japanese tourists to some of world’s most remote and beautiful places.


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Key facts about tour operator “Sun Way Tour”

Name: Sun Way Tour, Co., Ltd.

Licensed Number: АГ №580633

Established: August 28, 2006

Address: Ukraine, 04212, Kyiv, 9 Marshala Tymoshenka street, office 402

Inbound directions - tours to Eastern Europe for tourists from Japan, Korea, China, India and other countries to Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and etc.

Outbound directions - tours to Asia countries for Ukrainian tourists to Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam and other countries.

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